Find Boxy! Boxy’s shell is four random colours that you must find amongst ever-increasing coloured blocks. Like a word search with colours, Boxy and his pal, Purpo will hone your memory, sense of colour, and cat-like reflexes for the lowest time, highest level score! #FindBoxy

Find Boxy is the first fully playable game I’ve created. The idea came to me a few years back and I instantly created the skeleton of the game. The further I went, the trickier the programming got and the less time I had to work on it, so it ended up stalling. I am glad that I got Purpo, the magic dragon in there though!

Below are the various downloads for Windows and Mac and also a flash-based web version (just be patient with the flash version, it will be a blank white window for a bit).

Since Find Boxy was originally designed for mobile, you’ll notice a few things that aren’t exactly optimal, most obviously is the vertical format, but a few other things are kind of weird like the zoom and pan features.

Web (flash):